Caring For Your Resilient Tile Floors: Maintenance Procedures


Achieve excellence in your floor finish program by following proper maintenance procedures for the finish you select. If the following steps are adhered to, you may anticipate excellent durability and gloss for up to one year before stripping is required.




  • Dilute the Eradicator floor finish remover as required. Generally one part finish remover to four parts water will achieve good results. Never use a stripper undiluted and if available, use hot water.
  • Apply diluted floor finisher remover liberally to the floor with a clean mop. Allow finish remover to remain on the floor for about 10 minutes but do not allow the solution to dry on the floor.
  • Scrub thoroughly with a stripping pad and pick up the stripped finish with a wet vac.
  • Rinse floor thoroughly with Do it all neutral cleaner (as required) using a new mop head.
  • Let the floor dry and check for powdery residue. Check for any remaining finish in the corners and along baseboards. Re-strip where necessary.
  • Properly stripped floors appear dull all over. Allow to fully dry before applying finish.


  • Apply three or four thin coats of PlatinumShield, allowing at least 30 minutes drying time between coats. Use a clean, dry mop head. Do not use the same mop head that has been used for stripping or cleaning.
  • Drying times vary. Make sure each coat is completely dry and tack-free before applying the next coat of finish.
  • If desired, dry burnish after the last coat is dry and tack-free.


  • Dilute a neutral cleaner such as Do it All or Fresh 7, with water according to directions.
  • Apply with a new clean mop or an automatic scrubber. Do not let the solution remain on the floor for more than five to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse with clean water, pick up with wet-vac, and allow to fully dry.


  • Make sure the floor is completely clean, dry, and free of residue (see section on cleaning).
  • Re-coat with one of two thin coats of finish approximately once a month or as desired to maintain a good gloss. Allow adequate drying time between coats.

(spray buffs are used with low speed buffers only)

  • Apply Spray Mister 1000 on clean floor with trigger sprayer. Buff immediately while floor is wet.
  • Spray buff two to three times a week or as desired to maintain good gloss.

(restores are used with high speed and ultra speed burnishers)

  • Dilute one part restorer to three parts water and apply one coat on clean floor using a clean mop.
  • Allow to dry and burnish with a high speed burnisher.


Carpet Cleaning



  • Remove furniture from area to be cleaned.
  • Dry vacuum carpet before shampoo or extraction cleaning.
  • Pre-treat stains with Spot Attack #6458.


  • Dilute (1:128) Vapor Rug 6474 with water in a solution tank according to the label directions.
  • To assist in foam control, add Anti-Foam 6315 to the recovery tank.
  • Spray solution from front to rear and agitate solution into the carpet.
  • Avoid over wetting the carpet.
  • Make certain to overlap about two inches as you do each section.
  • After carpet has been completely scrubbed, vacuum only using the vacuum pump - this will pull additional dirt and liquid out of the carpet.


  • Add LonGon to solution tank according to label for fresh, clean carpets.


Featured Floor Care Products




#6567 Platinum Shield Floor Finish

  • 22% Solids
  • Excellent lay down gloss and superior response to high-speed burnishing or low-speed programs.

#6562 Eradicator

  • No-rinse floor finish
  • Do it all neutral cleaner
  • Labor saver due to fast penetration and rapid emulsification of old finishes.

#6391 Lemon 7

  • Excellent neutral cleaner and disinfectant.

#6460 Fresh 7

  • Kill a broad spectrum of bacteria without harming floor finish due to neutral PH.



#6474 Vapor Rug Extraction Carpet Cleaner

  • Removes grease, oil, and soil from older, easily soiled carpets.
  • Formulated for extraction carpet cleaning with synthetic wetting agents, optical brighteners, and ant-foaming agents.
  • Leaves carpets clean and fresh.

#6315 Anti-Foam

  • Breaks down foam quickly in hot and cold water solutions.
  • Cost savings by using 1 oz per 5 gallons.


#6458 Spot Attack

  • All purpose carpet and stain remover.
  • Excellent for removal of mud, grease, tar, and dirt stains.
  • Brightens and deodorizes as it cleans.

#6425 Quick Action Control

  • Contains enzyme accelerators that digest and liquifies organic waste and eliminates oder in carpets and drains.
  • Excellent at removing urine, food, and all organic waste.